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Brine's Sporting Goods


America's Oldest Family Owned Sporting Goods Store, EST 1867


The first James F. Brine, Inc. sporting goods store opened in Cambridge, Massachusetts in 1867. Six generations later, the Brines still own and operate the stores. Our legal business name is still James F. Brine, Inc. but most of our customers simply know us as Brine's Sporting Goods.


We have three locations in Concord and Sudbury, Massachusetts and Concord, New Hampshire. We have been recognized as the oldest sporting goods store in the United States. Our history started in Harvard Square, Cambridge where the original Brines used to make the goods and clothes sold in the store. In fact, there were six stores in the Brine family in and around the Boston area. Each store was independent of each other and each know for their excellent products and customer service. Some of the Brine family started manufacturing lacrosse, soccer, and field hockey goods in the early and mid 1900's and went on to become one of the biggest lacrosse companies in the country.


We would like to welcome you to the online portion of our company. We specialize in lacrosse, baseball, soccer, tennis rugby, swimming, field hockey, hockey, football, softball and many other sports.



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